5 Tips to Run Your Business Stress Free- Tip 5- Elevate and Delegate

In this video with Matt Blocki of EWA, they shared five essential tips for small business owners. They emphasized the importance of effective delegation as a common practice among successful business owners. Clear roles and career pathways for team members promote long-term commitment and enhance retention. They highlighted the “100 things to delegate exercise” as a powerful tool for freeing up time and improving task quality, allowing business owners to focus on strategic activities and maintaining a strong company culture.

Video Transcript

Matt with EWA. Today we are talking about five tips for small business owners. With the great resignation going on, business is becoming more and more difficult to retain good talent. And a lot of clients have given us the feedback that the business is running them versus is them running the business.

So I have narrowed this down to five tips. Where our most highly successful clients, what they’ve done commonalities they have that they’re running the business very successfully. We see growth, we see retention.

Excited to share these with you today. Last and final tip. The fifth tip is to elevate and delegate. So we have found that the most successful business owners that we work with have incredible delegation.

Their team members have very clear roles and very clear pathways of their career. So they feel comfortable with being there long term. This is key to retention. One exercise I went through a couple of years ago is actually with a coach.

She had me literally write down 100 things I had to get off my plate in a twelve month period. Called it the 100 things to delegate exercise. And this was one of the most impactful things to do. And some things I thought only I can do that.

And literally, once I delegated them, we found that there were smarter people much more capable of doing the task at hand with higher quality. So elevate and delegate is a key to success. So that your time is really spent as a business owner on high level activities that can’t be replicated, like maintaining key relationships rainmaking on top of the firm rainmaking.

And then also making sure that the retention and the culture of the company is kept intact.

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