Our Services

  • Direct Indexing
  • Tactical Investment Management
  • Fiduciary Resource
  • Asset Allocation (Across Household)
  • Employer Sponsored (401(k)/403(b)) Analysis
  • Selection of Low Cost and Diversified Securities
  • Qualified Account Implementation (401(k), Profit Sharing, SEP IRA, etc.)
  • Company Stock Option Optimization
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Asset Location (Across Household)
  • Tax Diversification
  • Tax Bracket Management during Retirement
  • Tax Minimization Planning (Accumulation and Distribution)
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Life, Disability and Long-term Care Insurance Planning
  • Employer Benefits Guidance
  • Fixed and Discretionary Budget Creation
  • Major Purchase Guidance and Analysis
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Trust Planning Services
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Medicare Surcharge Planning
  • Guaranteed Income Stream Strategies
  • Fixed and Discretionary Budget Creation
  • Gift Strategies and Legacy Planning
  • Long-term Health Care Planning
  • Financial Decision Affirmation (Home, Budget, Lifestyle, Private Equity Investments, etc.)
  • Backdoor Roth IRA Implementation
  • Roth Conversion Analysis
  • Retirement Income and Distribution Management
  • Review of Estate Planning Documents
  • Employer Benefits Guidance During Open Enrollment
  • Professional Consultation with Attorney
  • Professional Consultation with CPA
  • Discussion with Children or Parents about Generational Planning Needs

Planning Philosophy

Our planning philosophy focuses on helping clients make decisions that balance financial needs both in the present and in the future. Instead of basing decisions on what your money does or does not do, we believe wealth should simply be a tool to help you live with design and intention.

From the very start of the planning relationship, and consistently throughout it, we build a plan with the total picture in mind to ensure all parts are working in harmony.

In the process, we will help make the complex simple, and be a catalyst to help you with the implementation of your plan.

We do this by working to:

  • 1.  Alleviate financial stress: Knowing that all their savings are on track for short-term, mid-term and long-term goals; empowering our clients to enjoy the present and to know what they can spend on their current  priorities without sacrificing their long-term financial independence.

    2.  Affirm big decisions and establish fail-safes: Decisions that our clients make should provide confidence in achieving their goals, regardless of changes in health, career, stock market fluctuations and other unexpected conditions.

    3.  Be proactive in client relationships: We engage with our clients to help them take a step away from their busy lives and take time to hear what is most important to their future so that they can stay on course and follow through on the steps necessary to obtain financial independence.


    4. Educate for logical decision-making: We believe that a plan has to be driven by logic and sound advice. We serve as our clients’ advocates to take action based on logic, education and each client’s specific values.

    5. Concierge service: We value human interaction and superior personal service. We believe in prompt response and relentless follow-through to ensure that necessary actions are brought to completion.

    6. Simplify the complex and avoid decision fatigue: We strive for coordination in the big picture of our clients’ financial lives by providing an integrated approach to their investment management, financial planning, retirement planning and insurance planning.

Investment Philosophy

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have a fiduciary duty to our clients to ensure all aspects of their financial plan are in their best interest. This includes all advice, investment recommendations and ongoing monitoring.

In working with our clients, we carefully review four vital areas related to the management of their portfolios:

  • Asset Allocation — Based on our research and the client’s personal risk tolerance, we will set their asset allocation to marry effective returns with lower risk so their life can continue unchanged in all market conditions. We utilize low-cost, high-quality equities and equity funds along with highly rated fixed income offerings to build our portfolios.
  • Long-term horizons — We don’t invest for the short term, nor make impulsive moves in the market based on current events. We invest with a long-term perspective and hold our positions proactively
  • Diversification — We will mitigate our client’s risks by properly diversifying their portfolios and avoiding large concentrations in any one category.
  • Taxation — We review our client’s portfolios and their situation to determine the efficiency of their holdings and accounts. In every scenario, we seek to maximize tax-favored accounts, locate tax-sensitive investments where appropriate, and minimize each client’s tax liability. Asset location allows us to maximize tax efficiency by placing fixed income and dividend equity investments inside tax-deferred accounts, while positioning growth-oriented equities inside non-qualified accounts.

We strive to keep our plans simple but effective. We believe financial planning and wealth management should be built on sound principles.

Our Process

We believe that our role as financial advisor is to remove obstacles and implement a solid investment plan that fits each client’s needs. Our financial planning process follows three steps:

  1. Initial meeting — Our initial and ongoing discussions center on our client’s goals and their values. Not only do we want to gain a clear picture of their finances, we also want to understand how they want to balance their values, lifestyle and money. During our initial meeting, we also introduce ourselves and share more about our process.
  2. Blueprinting — We create two detailed analyses after gathering financial data: one to evaluate the current course of action and one to evaluate our recommended plan to align values and goals.
  3. Implementation — We put the recommendations in place with a concierge-styled action plan. On an ongoing basis, we continue discussions on balance, changes and ensuring your wealth is supporting your life by design.

Our Advisory Fee Schedule

Cost Simplicity and Transparency: We believe in having a simple, easy-to-understand pricing structure. As a firm, we believe it is our responsibility to be cost-efficient and to implement a fee structure that avoids the inherent conflicts of interest found in other payment methods. This is in the best interest of you, our client.

EWA sponsors a wrap program with an all-encompassing advisory fee which includes our wealth management services, financial planning, advice, implementation, and anything else that we can help with your financial planning picture.

You will never be on the clock with our team, and our goal is to save your nonrenewable resource: time.

Please contact info@ewa-llc.com for a quote.