5 Tips to Run Your Business Stress Free- Tip 4- Have a One Ship Mentality

In today’s video with Matt, he shares five valuable tips for small business owners. The fourth tip emphasizes the importance of adopting a “one ship mentality.” Successful businesses they’ve observed operate efficiently because they have clear roles and a unified focus. There’s no internal competition; instead, everyone collaborates towards the same goal, much like a sports team working together on game day. The key is to channel competition towards external competitors while ensuring everyone rows in the same direction internally.

Video Transcript

Matt with EWA. Today we are talking about five tips for small business owners. With the great resignation going on, business is becoming more and more difficult to retain good talent. And a lot of clients have given us the feedback that the business is running them versus is them running the business.

So I have narrowed this down to five tips. Where our most highly successful clients, what they’ve done commonalities they have that they’re running the business very successfully. We see growth, we see retention.

Excited to share these with you today. The fourth tip we have for small business owners is really to have a one ship mentality. So we found the fastest, most successful growing businesses that seem to just operate without flaws.

And if you’re looking out from an outsider looking in, yeah, every business has headaches, but some we’ve seen just really operate efficiently. And one important characteristics of these businesses that do operate efficiently is that they really have a one ship mentality.

There’s no side ship. So, for example, in a department of the business, there’s no politicking back and forth. Everyone’s very clear with what their roles are. They have the GWC mentality, get it, want it, have the capacity to do it in every seat.

And there’s no competition. Internally, we always use the analogy. Competition is great if it drives the purpose of the company, but if there’s internal competition, it’s going to create tension. If you use the analogy of a professional sports team, during the week, they have to practice, they have to compete against each other.

But ultimately, when it comes game day, everyone is on the same ship and the competition is against the other team. And that’s how a business we believe should be run. Everyone should be on the one ship mentality.

And the competition is outside competitors. But internally there’s one ship and there’s no one rowing in a side boat to a different direction. Everyone’s steering in the same direction.

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