5 Tips to Run Your Business Stress Free- Tip 2- Adopt, Don’t Fight Technology

In today’s video with Matt and EWA, we’re diving into five essential tips for small business owners, especially with the ongoing “Great Resignation” challenge. Many entrepreneurs have shared their struggles with business running them, rather than the other way around. So, let’s explore what our most successful clients have in common to run their businesses efficiently and retain talent.

Tip #2: Embrace Technology One key insight we’ve discovered from thriving small business owners is their embrace of technology. Instead of resisting it, they harness its power to enhance their existing processes. Think of technology as a surgical assistant to a skilled surgeon – it doesn’t replace the professional but makes them more efficient. Successful business owners use technology to improve operations, not disrupt them, ultimately enhancing the client experience without replacing their team members.

Stay tuned for more valuable tips to help your small business succeed and thrive in these challenging times.

Video Transcript

Matt with EWA, today we are talking about five tips for small business owners with the great resignation going on. Business is becoming more and more difficult to retain good talent and a lot of clients have given us the feedback that the business is running them versus them running the business.
So I have narrowed this down to five tips where our most highly successful clients, what they have done, commonalities they have that they are running the business very successfully. We see growth, we see retention. Excited to share these with you today.
The second tip that we have found our most successful small business owner clients have is they have adopted and not fought technology. So think about the travel industry from decades ago. A lot of travel agents are no longer in the industry because the technology has been a huge disruption.
Think about Amazon and delivery of goods and services, huge disruption. So the best small business owners we have found have adopted technology not to replace but to really make current systems more efficient. So one of the analogies I love to use is if you think about a surgeon who operates, there is now robotics to help the surgery.
This does not replace the surgeon but it does help the surgeon get to angles and areas of the body they were not able to with the human hand. So this is a perfect example of how technology can make someone more efficient but not replace. So small business owners that run the most effective, highly profitable businesses have found ways to utilize technology to supplement and prove the client experience but not disrupt the client experience.
So highly recommend you find the technology that complements, does not replace team members.
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