10 Tips for Current Retirees – Tip 1- Have a Team of Trusted Advisors

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In this series of ten videos, Jamison Smith, wealth advisor at EWA, provides essential retirement tips. The first tip underscores the importance of assembling a team of trusted advisors, including financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys, to coordinate and streamline your financial plan. This centralized approach saves time and ensures effective wealth management. Additionally, introducing these advisors to beneficiaries and children helps facilitate conversations about wealth transfer and aligning values for a smoother inheritance process.

Video Transcript

I am Jamison Smith, a wealth advisor at EWA. And this is going to be a series of ten videos. We’re going to give ten tips for anybody that is currently in retirement or thinking about retiring anytime soon.

Some things to consider before you decide to make that big decision. The first one, and this may be the most important, is to make sure that you have a team of trusted advisors that could consist of financial advisor, CPA, attorney, anybody that is handling your financial plan.

Important to have one centralized person or team coordinating all of that. EWA clients have the EWA team that coordinates with tax professionals, attorneys. And the biggest thing there is, it saves your times, especially if you are retired.

You want to spend your time traveling, doing the things that you want. You don’t want to have 20 meetings throughout the year, meeting with a bunch of different advisors. Other important thing with that team of trusted advisors is to introduce them to beneficiaries and children.

And that is very good for creating conversation now while you’re living for wealth transfer in the future to make sure that the children or beneficiaries can understand your values of how you accumulated your wealth and so they don’t inherit all of that money at one time.

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10 Tips for Current Retirees

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