5 Advantages of Roth IRAs- #5-Asset Location

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The final advantage discussed by Ben from EWA regarding Roth IRAs revolves around “asset location.” This strategy involves placing less tax-efficient funds within more tax-efficient accounts. In the context of Roth IRAs, this means you can house funds such as real estate and value funds, which aim for robust growth, without incurring taxes on the generated growth or distributions.

Ben emphasizes the potential for 100% equity exposure, particularly focusing on real estate and value funds, as these funds might generate capital gains and dividends annually. By holding them within a Roth IRA, these tax implications are avoided, in contrast to a taxable account where one could face taxes as high as 37% on such gains and dividends.

Video Transcript

So asset location is our fifth and final advantage of a Roth IRA. And what asset location means is that you could hold inefficient funds inside of efficient accounts. And what that means from a Roth IRA standpoint is that you could hold funds like real estate funds, like value funds funds seeking the most growth because, again, all of that growth is tax free and it distributes tax free as well.

So we’re looking to have significant equity exposure typically 100% equities inside of a Roth IRA with real estate and value funds in particular. Those funds are called inefficient because they kick off capital gains and dividends every year.

And if those are held inside of a Roth IRA you’re not subject to tax on that every year because all the growth and the distributions are tax free. Whereas if those real estate and value funds were sitting in a taxable account, for example those capital gains and dividends that are kicked off you would be subject to those at your ordinary income rate which could be as high as 37%.

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