EWA’s 3 C’s

In this video, the focus is on revealing the unique culture and value proposition of EWA. They emphasize the “3Cs” – Catalyst, Concierge Service, and CFO – as the core principles that guide their approach to serving clients. The Catalyst aspect involves simplifying complex financial matters, ensuring plans are not just discussed but implemented and updated regularly. The Concierge Service aims to make clients’ lives easier by assisting with financial decisions and transitions. Lastly, EWA positions itself as the client’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), saving them valuable time by handling research, implementation, and reporting while providing a non-hourly fee structure for a personalized and accessible experience.

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to give you an inside look of EWA’s culture, what’s the secret sauce, what makes us unique, and those are what we refer to as the 3Cs. A slogan that we use at EWA is what we refer to as the 3Cs. These 3Cs we live by, it’s what we thrive to achieve for all of our clients of EWA.

Those 3Cs really boil down to our value proposition. What are you getting as a client that gives you a unique experience that you would not get elsewhere? The first C is what we refer to as being a catalyst. In today’s world there are so many decisions.

Decision fatigue is a really thing. By the time you get to work you’ve had to make a hundred decisions of what you’re going to wear, etc. Being a catalyst means we’re going to make the complex simple. We’re going to boil down complex financial terms into a way that you can understand it and most importantly to achieve your goals.

Being a catalyst means that the plan doesn’t get talked about, it actually gets implemented, done, and we follow through on updating it every year on your behalf. We believe your money should work for you. You shouldn’t live a life that’s based upon what your money does or doesn’t do or what the stock market does or does not do.

That’s a catalyst. There’s a lot of decisions that need to be made and we want to quarterback all of those decisions whether it’s funding your kids college, when to be financially independent, how to structure your budget, how to structure life right now.

I think there’s a risk of over accumulating money and not enjoying life today. There’s a risk of enjoying too much today and not being financially secure in the future. So being a catalyst is really making sure that plan is working for you. Once you’re a client, the second C boils down to providing concierge service.

So what concierge service is making your life as simple as possible and making the implementation of the plan as smooth as possible. Anything we can do with a can -do attitude, we want to do for you. Anything financially related that would otherwise give you decision fatigue, we want to be involved in the process to help you with your peace of mind as you make big decisions or big life transitions.

The last C is what we refer to as being your CFO. The one resource that is non -renewable in your lifetime is your time. We believe you are and always should be the CEO of your life, creating what your values are, how to pass those on to your children.

What’s your goal for the future? When do you want to retire? How much of your kids college you want to fund? Lots of different goals on the table. Those all take time to analyze, time to implement, and time to monitor and make sure that your assets are working for you.

You as a CEO can always change the structure or the roadmap of your plan. As a CFO, we’re really meant to take the time that it would be needed to get all of this stuff researched and most importantly, all of the stuff implemented for you as the CEO.

And we report to you on a monthly or annual basis, whatever is in your preference. The most important thing to know about working with our firm is we don’t charge it hourly, so you never have to feel like you’re on the clock. You have a question, you call us.

You have a big decision, email us. We’re available all the time and we want to be there during life’s big decisions.

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