EWA Principle: Standards Over Feelings

In this video, Jamison and Matt from EWA discuss the principle of “standards over feelings.” They use the example  that despite not always feeling motivated to work out in the early morning, they stick to the standard of hitting the gym because it keeps them mentally sharp. They extend this concept to their business, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards even when faced with distractions and challenges. By prioritizing standards over feelings, they avoid distractions, underperformance, and ensure they consistently provide top-notch service to their clients, ultimately helping them show up as their best selves and achieve their goals. This principle plays a significant role in their team’s growth at EWA.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Jamison with EWA. Matt Blocki with EWA. In this video, we’re going to talk about a principle that we follow as a team at EWA, and this is standards over feelings. Matt, would you mind explaining what, what we mean by this?

Yeah, so standards over feeling. Just as an example, James and I work out together, usually at 520 in the morning or sometimes 630. But the, the feelings every day when I wake up, I never feel like going to the gym.

But I do know that Jameson’s going to be there and if I don’t show up, he’s going to let me know about it for the rest of the day. So we have the standard we’re going to work out, makes us the most mentally sharp during the week.

And if we let our feelings dictate that decision, we would be in very big trouble. So how we apply this to the business world is there is often so many things that are going on. Sometimes there’s fires, sometimes there’s things we have to put out right on the spot or get derailed.

Ultimately, we have a job to do for our clients. And no matter how we feel, we have the same standards of being a catalyst for big decisions, being client CFO, which means taking on all the financial responsibilities, all the financial stress, and then also providing concierge service.

So no matter how we feel for that day, those standards have to occur as a company and for every team member. Awesome. Matt, would you mind telling us what are some of the benefits of this or what does this help you avoid?

Yeah, this helps us avoid being distracted. This helps us avoid underperforming to our potential. And ultimately the benefit is making sure that we’re showing up as our best possible selves and that we’re taking on the stress of our clients and making sure that we follow through with all tasks that need to be done versus letting feelings dictate and then things fall through the cracks, excuses are made, et cetera.

Thanks, Matt. I think that’s been really helpful, especially with our growth here as a team at EWA, to being able to have principles that we can stick to. So stay tuned. We’re going to go over some more principles in some following videos.

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