What To Expect Before Your First Meeting with EWA?

Matt Blocki from EWA welcomes viewers who are considering using their wealth management and financial planning services, likely referred by a client. Matt emphasizes the importance of the initial meeting being focused on the client’s goals and financial details. He highlights their firm’s commitment to the three C’s: serving as the client’s CFO, being a catalyst for important decisions, and not shying away from complex discussions. The process involves creating two plans, one to assess goals and financial status and another as a roadmap for potential collaboration. There is no upfront commitment, and the third meeting involves implementation if both parties agree it’s a good fit. Matt encourages questions and looks forward to upcoming meetings

Video Transcript

Hi, Matt Blocki with EWA. If you are watching this video means you’re considering using our services for wealth management, financial planning, advice, etc. And you’ve most likely been referred in from a close client of ours, which we greatly appreciate the introduction, just wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect and how to make the meetings as efficient as possible for you.

So first of all, the first meeting we want to make sure it’s about you as much as possible, so the more information you can have ready as it relates to your current balance sheet, your current goals.

So for example, if your goals are fully funding your college education for your children, becoming financially independent by 60 65, the more details we have the better. Usually a tax return, statements of your current investment accounts and just a general listing of balance sheet assets, debts that you have would be very helpful.

And this will ensure that during our conversation it can be different in the fact that we can focus on you, what’s most important to you, what got you to where you are, then ultimately where you’re heading.

Our firm stands for the three C’s, so if you end up working with us, you’ll find our main job is to be your CFO. If you’re working with us it means you’re very successful, very busy or potentially a retiree that wants to protect their time and make sure they’re outsourcing decision making and implementation of their wealth management and financial plan.

The second thing that you’ll find with us is we’re going to be a catalyst into big decisions. We’re not going to shy away from complex or hard topics. If that’s philosophy on gifting to children, on how to balance time versus money, or money versus time, what that trade off, what that balance looks like, we’re not going to shy away from those conversations.

We typically find the tougher the conversation, the greater the outcome on the back end is. So we want to have the proper time to give you attention in these details. And then the first meeting is going to really be about you questions, we’re going to hear your answers and then.

In between our first and second meeting, our team is going to work diligently to put together two plans. So the first plan is going to be a simple here’s what your goals are. Here’s an x ray of everything you’re doing and we’re going to point out if you’re on track or not.

And we’re also going to point out if there is efficiencies that could be improved or put into place. We’re also going to stress test certain situations such as increasing tax rates or if the market corrects or different kind of risk management concerns.

The second plan that’s going to be put together is basically a roadmap if you decide to work with us and vice versa if we think we’re mutually a good fit to serve you. The second plan is going to be an implementation, a roadmap of here’s what the plan is.

If we work together, there’s no commitment upfront. If we work together, we want to mutually figure out if this is a good fit and if it’s natural. Then our third meeting would be an onboarding process, typically where we implement all of the strategies, transfer accounts and then start diligently working on you and your family’s behalf.

We welcome any questions and we look forward to our upcoming meeting.

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