Our One-Roof Philosphy

In this video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of aligning a client’s balance sheet with their life by design. They aim to ensure that financial decisions, such as taking vacations or renovating a house, are not dictated by market fluctuations.

EWA, as an independent financial firm, offers an under-one-roof approach, providing services encompassing estate planning, tax planning, financial planning, and investment policy. Their goal is to simplify complexities, eliminate decision fatigue, and offer peace of mind while assisting clients in making significant financial decisions that impact both the present and the future.

The video also mentions an insurance switch recommendation for clients who have not transitioned their investments. The speaker assures clients that this recommendation is made in their best interest to improve communication, updates, and overall financial planning. Clients can expect further communication regarding this transition.

Video Transcript

When we look at a client’s balance sheet, we want to make sure that that balance sheet is in support of our clients life by design. We don’t want a client making a decision whether they can take vacation, whether they can renovate their house based upon what the markets are doing.

Want to make sure that your ballot sheet is most effective in following your life by design, but also from a tax efficiency, a rate of return and an overall planning perspective. Our main goal in establishing EWA as an independent rea was to have an under one roof approach where we can take all of the advice that one needs from an estate, a tax, a financial plan, an investment policy statement and make sure that’s all one fluid plan that’s supporting your life by design.

There’s a lot of complexities the more individuals, the more firms, the more advisors that are in the picture. There’s a lot of decision fatigue that occurs and our goal is to eliminate that decision fatigue, make the complex simple and make sure that you have peace of mind as you make very difficult but important decisions that affect the today but also secure the future.

Part of our offering at EWA is comprehensive financial planning and keeping everything under one roof is the forefront of our philosophy to save your only non renewable resource, which is your time, but part of the insurance due diligence that we’ve done and evaluating.

Does a switch make sense to switch from our former company to a new company that we’re able to completely service? We always will ensure that it’s in your best interest before making this move. But the reason I’m creating this video is flagship insurance company and they have aggressively communicated with clients that have not switched investments over.

But when it comes to the insurance, they get very particular about that. They want to keep that business on the books. Unfortunately we’re not able to service it if it’s there and so this recommendation, if it’s in your best interest, will allow us more fluid communication, consistent updates of your financial plan, of your risk management, and wanted to let you know we’re available for any questions or concerns if someone reaches out to you.

But please expect several voicemails and several emails moving forward.

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