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Chris from EWA shares tips for a smooth transition to the new firm, focusing on the online platform. Firstly, he addresses the need to ensure visibility of household accounts and offers assistance through an electronic form. Secondly, he guides users on organizing their accounts with custom groups and titles on Fidelity’s platform. Next, he emphasizes setting document preferences via the profile section. Lastly, he mentions accessing quarterly portfolio performance reports on E-money. Chris invites questions and provides contact information for further assistance.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Chris here with EWA wanted to share a few tips to make a seamless transition to the new firm, mostly to do with our online platform. So the first is just making sure that you can see all of your household accounts.

So if you log in and you can only see your accounts and not your spouse’s, this is something that we’re going to have to send you a form for. Were everything’s electronic and we can send it to you via DocuSign.

So just shoot me an email and I can get that right over to you. The second is organizing everything online and creating custom groups and titles for your accounts. So to do that, you just log into Fidelity, go up to the Accounts and Trade tab in the upper left hand corner, select Portfolio.

From here all of your accounts will load and you’ll hit this customize button and a lot of the groups are already built in here. So if you open this up and go to groups, you can see there’s investment Accounts, retirement Accounts, education Accounts.

So if you want all of your IRAs in one spot, for example, you just click Retirement Accounts and type in John’s IRA and then click Save. And now that’ll show up under Retirement Accounts entitled properly.

So instead of just seeing the account number, you can see what you want to see. The second is making sure that all of your document preferences are set up the way you want them to do that you just click the profile button at the top.

You can see all of your personal information here. So double check that. Make sure that your address is correct, your email is correct, then you scroll all the way to the bottom preferences and then you can have everything set to e delivery or US mail, really, whatever you prefer.

Anything that’s stored in here, you can access via PDF forever so nothing ever gets deleted through here. The second thing, or the next thing I wanted to show you is through E money. Each quarter we’re going to be sharing portfolio performance reports.

So all you have to do is log into E-money, go up to Vault here and there’s a shared folder, and you click in and that performance report will be there waiting for you. If you have any questions, my number and email is below.

So please feel free to reach out and happy to help.

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