5 Tips for Parents- Tip 1- Do Very In Depth Research

In this video, Matt Blocki sits down with John Izzo who emphasizes the importance of thorough research in the college application process. He encourages early engagement and proactive planning, stressing the need to consider factors like school type, majors, campus size, location, costs, and available scholarships to make informed decisions. John’s expertise as a college counselor and Class 101 franchise owner in Pittsburgh informs his advice.

Video Transcript

Really excited to have John Izzo today as a special guest. He runs a class 101 franchise here in Pittsburgh and has helped over 300 children successfully apply, get into college, and help them maximize their student aid and scholarship opportunities.

So John excited to get into tip number one. So tip number one is do very in depth research. Excited for John to share exactly what that means. Matt, thank you. I’m excited to be here. Like Matt said, I’m the owner of Class 101 Pittsburgh.

I’ve been in business approaching five years. Prior to my life at class 101, I was a guidance counselor. So I fully understand the dynamic of the support that the kids get within the high schools. I provide additional support in an outside of school setting to ensure that they’re getting the most support possible as far as the tips for these kids.

So what I really encourage is research and being proactive. So what a lot of families do is they wait too long until they get into the college process. So it’s a different age now. Schools are a lot more competitive.

Kids are a lot smarter than they are now. So it’s really that early engagement and looking at, what are the types of schools that my kid would like to go to? What are the types of schools that my kids can succeed?

And then from a financial standpoint, where can they get in, but where can they get in with money? Because there’s two very different things. So when I’m working with students and what I encourage all families to do is research the schools.

Because of COVID things have been a lot more convenient to watch a video online, watch a YouTube video, which is great, but it’s really taking it one step further and looking at, okay, what are the majors offered at this university?

What is the size? What is the campus type? Is it a city school versus a college town? What is the sticker price? And then what scholarships are available? So it’s really looking to see what is everything that this kid could possibly get over the next four years.

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