Stephanie Bogden, MBA, WMCP®


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Throughout her career Stephanie has worked for many of the largest investment firms in the country and brings over a decade of experience in nearly all aspects of wealth management and financial planning.

She has developed a broad expertise in financial operations, portfolio management, holistic planning and compliance. She is thrilled to bring her many skill sets to EWA and wear many hats including the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer roles.

She ensures cohesion and consistency between the EWA’s departments, vendors, business partners, and clients.

Stephanie earned her B.S. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. She is passionate about continuing education and has earned her both M.B.A and Wealth Management Certified Professional (WMCP®) designation. The next designation she is pursuing is the CFP®.

She resides in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with her husband, four children and three dogs. While it’s hard to imagine she has much of it, she spends her spare time enjoying all forms of fitness, Paleo cooking and traveling with her husband to anywhere with sand and great wine.