EWA’s Value Proposition

At EWA, our value proposition is to provide exceptional value that far exceeds our fees. We focus on three key areas:

  1. Catalyst: We help you take that crucial first step by developing a solid financial plan to guide you through tough times.
  2. Concierge: We simplify complex financial matters and ensure that action is taken after meetings, whether with us, your CPA, or attorney.
  3. CFO: By delegating the CFO role to us, you can save your valuable time while we handle tasks like account rebalancing, tax strategies, and asset management.

Together, these elements in our value proposition aim to enhance your overall life balance.

Video Transcript

At EWA, we want our value proposition to be so compelling that it far exceeds the fee that any client would ever pay. This boils down to three key areas. The first is being a catalyst. The second is being a concierge.

And then the third is being a CFO. Taking the first step is often the hardest step. So making sure that we get in a room and develop a financial plan, a good financial plan, can get you through a bad time.

The second thing, as far as concierge, we find in financial meetings, the goal is to make the complex simple. And a lot of times, a lot of stuff gets said in financial meetings, but very little gets done.

So our goal when we walk out of any financial planning meeting with you, whether it’s with us or with your CPA or attorney, is to make sure the follow throughs are clear and that we’re quarterbacking that for you.

And the third thing as being your CFO is you’re always going to be the CEO of your plan. And delegating the CFO role to us allows you to save the only nonrenewable resource, which is your time. And it lets us take care of all the nerdy stuff, such as rebalancing your accounts, tax loss harvesting, asset location, asset allocation, all the stuff that takes a lot of heavy lifting and analysis.

The nerdy stuff that we love to do all of these three things together in our value proposition ultimately will let you lead a more balanced life in all areas.

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